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13 February, 2014

Nadri Earrings

Skilled as I am, I managed to misplace my new favourite gold hoops nearly 2 weeks after I got them.
Skilled as I am, I however also managed to find these to replace the previous.

I haven't purchased anything from this particular brand before these earrings but I am well satisfied!! The earring's design commits to a romantic, elegant, feel that makes them incredibly versatile.  These hoops are key to any day/night transition, working perfectly with a jeans and tee combo, as well as with that perfect little black dress.

Nadri: who, based on the quality and price of this sparkly new addition to my wardrobe, is quickly becoming one of my new favourite go-to brands for all things sparkly.

Had to ship them from America back home to Denmark so there was a pretty decent waiting time but it was well worth it.  As I'm sure you're all aware by now, nothing makes me more weak in the knees that a stunning silver & gold jewellery combo.  Add a "little" sparkle and I'm all in!!

Off to mummy's to pick up some duvets for the girls (one less unfortunately as Lils has fallen ridiculously ill after a night-out gone wrong :( ) and to fatten myself up with some of her delicious cooking!!

Have a good night :)


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