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24 February, 2014

Mr. & Mrs ______

No proposals, breathe easy.  It would be easier to get one if I looked like Angelina Jolie though!!
We have, however, just decided what movie to put on for dinner tonight as we've just finished Monsters University (so cute!) earlier than planned.  Still a big decision in our book! haha

Once I Skype my beloved auntie and the darling baby Louie to show them our new flat,  Mr. & Mrs. Smith is on the evenings agenda inclusive of some simple, easy food (too lazy to have gone grocery shopping today), candlelight, and treats afterwards.  Perfect.

Hope your Monday was bearable and that the week's off to a great start!! The weather certainly helps!
Dropping off my CV's around town tomorrow and Mads' baby (his car) will be officially fixed! Maybe now he'll be able to sleep at night... ;) Have a good one!!



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