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02 February, 2014

Moving In: Day 2

Day #2 of moving...
75 stairs, 9 flights.  We counted.

Coming from someone who definitely doesn't work out on a daily basis, I could soooo feel it the day after!! Think I've gotten used to the soreness now, the boy's immune....

I shouldn't complain as much when he constantly leaves for the gym, it's a benefit.
On that note, (considering he left the screws needed to set up our bed at home) he also shouldn't complain about my "ridiculous amount of clothing" as my giant suitcases full of just that made the perfect rest area for us both.  There are few things that feel as good as being able to take a kip atop of your closet!! For once, I did not feel like a shopaholic as the results of my addiction proved to be helpful in an unexpected way.  Gold star.

I managed to slip away and into for some time when his mate showed up to help and for once, was happy to oblige to the feministic roles of cleaning, organising, decorating, and sorting the things brought up (hello partially setup walk-in closet!!), leaving the boys to do the majority of the heavy lifting tehee  Lucky girl ;)


This was fun -___- If only I needed an outlet for my anger/frustration at a time where I wasn't exhausted beyond belief.


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