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17 February, 2014


The "in-laws" needed a break complete with dinner and friends their age so we took Mads' niece as our own for the night after a spot of coffee and some goodies.  Just to be sure, no pictures of the lovely little spunky lass on the blog so instead, tons of pictures of the lovely little spunky pup, Diesel!!

Fell in love with her adorable little Papillon.  If it ends up being that she is unable to keep/care for the him, I might just adopt him as my own.  He's already taken a liking to the bag that I'd use for travel...bless him, he didn't want to get out once he was put in!!  Such a precious little thing...GOODNESS I WANT A PUPPPYYYYYYYYY.

A cosy night complete with homemade burgers (we really need to start eating healthier around here but what else do you feed a picky 9-year-old?!), a movie, loads of playtime with the pup, and her trying on the entirety of my shoe closet hahah



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