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04 February, 2014

It's Christmas Again...ASOS Haul

Felt like a kid on Christmas morning after having picked up all of my goodies from the post office.
It's like the season never ended...minus the fact that I've paid for my own gifts.

First up of the physical proof of my taking severe advantage of winter sales is my ASOS Haul :)
Before moving to London I donated a lot of my closet to 2 different charities in addition to giving some away to my friends and my boyfriend' lovely little niece.  Things I never wore, haven't worn for years, or simply didn't have the desire to keep any longer.  After that delayed "spring" cleaning, I needed a massive wardrobe update and it's well underway :)

Once the packages were opened, well, it was a bit impossible to NOT do an impromptu "fashion show" much like when we all were 4....5...6...7...8...k, I'll stop there to avoid embarrassing myself further.



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  1. GORGEOUS. Lord, am I lucky or what? Sexiest wifey in the world. Your hair - dayuum! <3


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