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04 February, 2014

Internet Connection: DENIED

Though I managed to get my grubby hands on my beautiful computer charger again, the day following was the day we slept in our new flat for the first time and of course, moved in more of our stuff (it never ends!!).  It was the morning after that I realised....I have no internet.  Based on what I've heard, Danish internet companies tend to take their time with setting it all up but fingers crossed it will come soon.

At mum's now for the night after a doctor's appointment and MORE flat-related shopping.  She'll see it for the first time tomorrow when we drive back to Odense tomorrow and I'm SO excited.  The boy's hard at work at home setting up the last bits of furniture and I'll have to scrub the place from top-to-bottom before our first guest, a good friend of mine I met circa EGMUN'12 (Espergærde Gymnasium Model United Nation) who will be staying with us for the duration of my previous high school/gymnasium's conference, MUNNY (Model United Nations of Nyborg).  I unfortunately do not think I will be able to attend as a delegate as hoped because everything's just so consistently busy at the moment and I've had no time to prepare :(

Time to make a late lunch, will try my best to write up as many posts as possible while I have the luxury of an internet connection!!



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