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12 February, 2014


This is what happens when IB's unite...

You get one hell of an unforgettable, forgettable night.

MUNNY'14 rolled around and though it wasn't possible for me to participate as a delegate due to time constraints on both behalf's, hosting turned out to be nearly as eventful.  Before I divulge slightly into the details of the night in question, I'd just like to throw out a tip to anyone who's moving in or thinking of doing so...Either pull the lawn chairs+plastic cups routine before inviting large amounts of people over, or have the entire place setup fully before that time.  Having a half-way pieced together flat was just absolute chaos.  It worked fine for dinner and pre-drinks, but at the time we were also only 5 people.  The unexpected after-party however...

I was so excited to meet up with my old classmates and to be in that MUN circle once again, especially considering the majority hadn't the slightest clue that I was back in the country, never mind in Odense and showing up for the evening's event.

After an enjoyable dinner and pre-game at home, Hegelund, Polina, Gina, Mads, and myself headed into town to the event held at a new club, UBN ONE, to meet up with Jana and......everyone else we'd ever encountered during our high school/IB experience.

100+ hugs later, we made it inside and the shock-and-awe looks continued along with a seemingly endless stream of drinks and nostalgic conversations.

After that, someone suddenly had far more than he could handle.  This led to an interesting turn-of-events inclusive of a severe disagreement with both a flight of stairs, couch, and glass door, total disappearance from the group, half of us going to search for said person in town, us not being able to locate him, someone luckily randomly locating him, a female trench coat, and a walk that is, under normal circumstances, 15 minutes in length, turning into a 45 minute pant-less one involving two friends-turned hero's, an awful lot of screaming/crying, and those bloody 9 flights of stairs.

By the time we all made it back to the apartment, we were suddenly 9 people and the chaos had really only just begun.  A half empty? full? liquor cabinet and fridge, broken door, random hole in the wall, proposal, 3 breakups (within 3 sentences of each other might I add), and some unexpected bonding later....We were down to 7 people by 7 o'clock in the morning.

An amazing (minus the coffee grinds all over the kitchen floor...HOW? WHY?!) and completely mental night.
Unexpected to say the very least, but the overwhelming flow of support and help received that night from people I never really got to properly know during my time in Nyborg, is what really made it unforgettable.  That, and the day-long clean-up ;)

Thank you <3


**I credit the events above the the lack of pictures, and NoVa for the title I just had to steal.


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