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01 February, 2014

I have nothing if I ain't go yoouuuu

So.  I know I've been a very bad girl.

In a rushed leave from Mama's back to Odense I may or may not have forgotten my computer charger.  I've been having a rough few days, not necessarily just because of that but it seems as though things are looking up, thankfully :)

 I haven't forgotten about you, lovelies!! Just been without one of the two key components of my livelihood....Computer+charger.

I've now fed my laptop up with juice and am well underway.  Everything just gets x10 more difficult without your own computer.  You're so used to everything for starters and I know I can't be the only one who's entire life situates on a stunning piece of electronic.  I have been left blogless and sticky note-ess for days!! Need a tiny bit of alone time with her tonight, not gonna lie, I plan to be slightly antisocial.

Loads of love and I'm sorries (it's becoming a usual thing, isn't it? :/),


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