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04 February, 2014

Flea Market/Vintage Shopping

Mads, mummy, and myself went on an adventure just 20 minutes away to a flea market that had some of the most amazing furniture, vintage glasses, paintings.  I rarely feel overwhelmed while shopping but I turned into a 4 year-old as soon as we walked in through those doors.  Pretty sure I was drooling a bit, was this close to peeing my pants out of excitement, and was just about as easy to keep track of as a child around that age.

IT WAS SO AWESOME.  I can't wait for the next one!! It's really cool what you can find in these places and lucky me, this particular place is open every two weeks!! WOOOO!!! Got some really great stuff for absolutely no money.  It's a place where you can find anything and everything so long as you've got a good eye, know a little about brands and vintage/antique finds, aren't afraid to bargain, and don't mind used items.  Oh, and'll need a pretty decent amount of that on a busy day!!

It was out in the middle of the countryside with a gorgeous green field on one side, slightly dusted over by the snowy remains melting away on this rare sunny day complete with endless blue skies, and forest on the other.  Two of my favourite landscapes and this holy grail in the middle, it couldn't get much better.

Quite literally the night before our expedition, I was going on about how badly I wanted a glass coffee table.  When I checked the prices it took everything in me not to break into tears.  Ridiculous!! And wouldn't you just know what I discovered the very next day...

I got two glass vases, some practical kitchen items, a blanket, two pillows, some beautiful crystal bowls and vintage ashtrays, and a glass flower-shaped candle-holder that matches the old ones my grandmother gave to me when I first moved to Denmark.  I'm get excited all over again just by writing about all of this and I'm afraid I may have forgotten some of my other buys.

Highly recommended place, a memorable experience for sure.  Was great to have both my mum and my boy there as well so that we had 3 minds working towards achieving a common goal, and hey, not the worst company out there!!

After having claimed, bought, and fit all of our new buys into our cars we headed home for some lunch, Jack Bauer, coffee, and then back to Odense to schlepp half of my mother's flat (no joke) from our car and up to the 4th. floor. before we ordered our kebab meals and spent our first night in our new home

Both Mads' parents as well as my mum have been so immensely generous and incredibly helpful with all of their gifts, donations, hard work, and overall help throughout this busy process and I am so thankful that we have been so blessed with such phenomenal family and friends :)  It just makes everything mean that much more.


ready for the hunt!!

One of the first things I laid eyes on when I walked in....IF ONLY IT MATCHED A SINGLE PIECE OF MY APARTMENT I WOULD HAVE BOUGHT THE WHOLE SET.  Someday...

One of mummy's brilliant finds :D  Wish there were two sets!!

The stunning view mixed with stunning food: perfect first night!!


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