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31 January, 2014

Flat Hunting: SUCCESS!!!!!

I've been hinting at it through a few of the last posts so perhaps some of you have picked up on it already but I couldn't resist finally sharing with you all in an exclusive post that Mads and I have officially got an apartment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a crazy morning to say the least as we had originally planned on getting a completely different flat (the price ended up being waaayyyy out of our league) and ended up reading through the contract, running around to the bank to deal with the payments, meeting up with the owner, signing the contract, paying for everything, and beginning to move in all within 3 hours.

At this point, with us not being able to get the original flat, any others wouldn't be available for us to move into until the 1st. of March or even April so this really was a lucky, lucky, lucky situation for everyone involved.  It was the first out of the three flats we saw a few days prior and we'd originally liked it a lot but said no as we didn't think there would be enough space.  I suggested it wouldn't hurt just to contact the seller just incase it was still available and here we are!!

This would be the reason for my crazy, hectic past week and I wouldn't take back a single thing.  It's been an amazing experience doing all of this as independently as possible and it's already begun to feel like home.  I haven't had a place to call my own for nearly 4 years so this means a lot to be and I'm so happy to begin this journey with Mads.  He's been absolutely amazing so far, we make a great team!! *Knock on wood* ;)

A very tired and content Em

Celebration dinner at mama's :)


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