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12 February, 2014

Don't Let Children Into IKEA

A day filled with accomplishments!! How often can I write that?!

Polina came over to see the flat for the first time and to help out with the big to-do's we had to cross off.

First off was the infamous IKEA trip.  My credit card hated me with a passion once we finished but you can't live without furniture for long...especially with the size of my closet (thought we could avoid clothing rails, I think we thought too soon) and guests arriving before we've even fully moved in.

IKEA to me is h-e-double hockey sticks on Earth so we just wanted to get in and get out as quickly as possible.  That still took two hours but I'd say we made the best of it!!

Afterwards we tackled the first big grocery shopping trip.  How we managed to fit all of this into Mads' car in one go I still don't know but I'm sincerely impressed by our collective skills.

The rest of the night was spent on setting up the lights and as much furniture as we could manage without making our new neighbours hate us, wine glasses in hand.

As I experienced in London--there's nothing more fun than packing/unpacking/setting things up with a friend or two...three, wine being included!! Just realised how much that made me sound like a housewife. Whoa.

After calling in Po for backup (my stove/oven is written in ancient Egyptian) I cooked up our first meal in the new flat.  Decided to utilise the American in me and made my famous cheeseburgers!! Everyone seemed pretty content with how they turned out so apparently I can add "understands ancient Egyptian" to my resumé ;)


We all slept well that night!! Now, whether that was because of our exceedingly efficient day (the 75, SEVENTY FIVE STAIRS we had to carry all of our new buys up) or because of the copious amounts of red wine that were unsolved mystery.

A big thank you to you, Po, for all of your help :) Couldn't have done it without you!!



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