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26 February, 2014

An Arizona Dinner

A late one, but well-worth it in a collective opinion regarding last night's dinner!!

Since I wasn't sure exactly when Mads would be home, I already crossed off half of our other dinner options since things like Salmon, f.e., are just too difficult to try to keep warm.

Instead, I went full-on country and made a dish that I've had countless times as a kid growing up in Arizona--both at home, and when we went out to eat.

We had corn-on-the-cob, baked beans on toast (my sister and I used to look SO much forward to this every time Daddy told us what was for dinner!), Ribs, and potato wedges.  Both were unable to move for an hour thereafter.

Meals like this remind me of two memories I have from my childhood.  One being us all having our neighbours over for dinner, darts, and drinks, while Lina and I swam in the pool and played with our dogs for hours.  A big BBQ is never a bad idea!! Unless you're in the middle of Monsoon season.  Even then, we made it work.

The second is from a restaurant we all used to go to.  A proper cowboy restaurant complete with rattle snakes, tarantulas, dancing, live music, native american stores, and red/white checkered table clothes, yeeeee hawwww!!!

It had the most beautiful scenery surrounding it--up in the mountains/desert (very descriptive, where in Arizona is there NOT mountains or desert?!)--and everyone there was always in the best, happiest, most open-minded, lovely mood.

I distinctively remember how my Dad used to call my little sister and I, "little piggies" when we asked for 2 sweet cherries in our Sprites and how in awe we were later in life when we discovered that these magic Maraschino cherries could be purchased at any local grocery store :D Not as sweet!! NOT AS SWEET!!

If you need some inspiration for dinner, there ya go, partner ;)

Have a good one,


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