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24 February, 2014

A Ft. Difference

Good afternoon all :)
After spending all of yesterday recovering from the night before, I'm charged up and ready for the new week!!

Caroline, a new friend, Laura, Josie (back from Fiji!!!), and myself were up to no good once again.  Josie joined us a bit later at my flat for some girlie gossip, a ridiculous amount of alcohol, and good times to come.  After updating each other on our lives from the past month (why does there always go such a long time in between us seeing one another?!) and changing outfits 5 times, we were off!!

So nice to see these girls again and to have the opportunity to make a new friend.  The one downside? Without any of us in our 13+ cm heels, there is nearly a full foot between me and these girls!! God damn models, I'm just a midget in comparison haha



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