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15 January, 2014


It was such a beautiful day yesterday, and not just because I was awake and productive long before 4 in the afternoon.

The sun was shining, wasn't too cold, managed to cross quite a few things off my to-do list including narrowing down 2 top apartments that we'll be contacting and hopefully viewing later on today, AND I was informed that Lily, Jasmin, and Claudia will be visiting me in exactly a month from London!! Miss these girls and I'd like to say that with the tickets already booked, that the feeling's mutual ;)

Productive but relaxing, just the way I like it!! Even managed to sneak in an evening stroll with Mads.  Beautiful, a tiny bit creepy the water/fields but I've seen too many CSI's, Law & Orders, Criminal've caught my drift, in order to fully enjoy it.  Practically ran back home, though that was mainly due to the cold ;)

Have a good day sweethearts!



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