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19 January, 2014

Sunday Funday

There's nothing worse than feeling disappointed.
Especially when that's how you get to start off your day.  Twice in a row.

After being pulled out of bed yesterday with awaiting guests, forced to get ready in no time at all, we went into the city so I could get my phone setup to work in Denmark.  Everything went swimmingly until I tried to actually use it.  Then I realised that I hadn't gotten my previous service provider to unlock my phone.  Greaaatttt. Now I get to deal with that.  Any bright ideas? Shoot me a DM, tweet, or FB message pretty please :) (xxEmKirstinexx)

Went to one of Mads' many family member's birthday later on that evening and I was right knackered and ended up falling asleep on the couch.  I'm so good with impressions ;)

This morning we got up bright and early, me being the young and excited on of course, as I was about to attend my first open house for one of the many flats we'd been looking at recently.  It took us longer to get there than we actually spent in the flat itself.  Terrible in every possible way but seeing as there weren't pictures available online, we really had no other choice.  I was so excited!!

And now I'm home while the boy's off working out with this mate and I'm feeling lazy, sad, and hungry.  Best do something to fix that.  Not a fan of Sundays at the moment :(

Here's hoping yours is going better than mine!!



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  1. You are very nice, dear!!!


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