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02 January, 2014

NYE: 2013/2014

Evening all :)

Hope you've recovered from last night's festivities!! We had a relaxing and enjoyable new year's eve who's main focus was company and food.  My families filled with a bunch of foodies and the menu did not disappoint!! King prawns with horseradish prawn cocktail sauce, Oysters & Mignonette, Crab claws with lemon & butter, and Beef Wellington as our final main course.  I

The main hi-light of my evening was how beautifully my Crème brûlée's were in the end, also post-caramelisation (always worried about that part :P) Loads of lovely comments all around, score!! Celebrated with multiple high-kicks and some very uncoordinated off-beat dance steps (sounds like a normal New Year's Eve!)

Woke up to breakfast in bed, doughnuts (hehehe a guilty pleasure of mine that I indulge in every 5 years or filling!!), cleaned up the remaining Christmas decorations, prepared the dessert, decorated the flat, did my makeup (courtesy of Mac's Pressed Pigment eyeshadow in Day Glam and my favourite hot pink lipstick (Raspberry Pie Lip Butter by Revlon), threw on the outfit, and the night begun!!

All the best wishes for health, happiness, and success to you all in 2014.


Lina made our remaining mini Christmas tree a New Year's hat <3

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