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19 January, 2014


Afternoon :)

My mind is so scattered these days, can't believe I forgot to post this...especially seeing as all it required was the touch of a button.

Now, don't ask me how, but I somehow managed to break off an entire acrylic nail the other day and was, in my state of shock, suddenly very much in need of a nail appointment.  I haven't gotten them done before in Odense so it was a surprisingly difficult task to locate a good-quality nail place but I'm happy with the result.  The only negative was that they had severely overbooked so we ran an entire 45 minutes late for dinner :/ Since when do acrylics take 3 hours?! Hopefully just a bad day on their part because I hope to return as it's so central (**For those of you living in Odense, Denmark, it's right next to Paradis (Is) in the centre, NailsRus) and otherwise a job well-done.  Poor Mads, wasn't the idea that he had to sit there with me for nearly an hour.

Alls well that ends well I suppose...I feel complete again!! 


**I do not claim any ownership or rights of the above image. All credit goes to its rightful owners.**

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