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06 January, 2014

London: Touchdown

Hello... and goodnight!!

Touched down in London right on time at 2 p.m. but didn't manage to actually get out of the airport until 3 hours later. Booked a cab in advance the day before--TWICE to be sure since I'm traveling alone with a lot of luggage and have no other way of getting to where I need to be otherwise...and they didn't show up.  So of course I wandered around in the freezing F)(/R&%!FTG fudging cold for over an hour expecting them to call me.  Didn't see a point in having any credit on my phone since I'm leaving in a few days but of course, ended up having to top up just to call them and re-book as the other cabs either asked for x3 as much (ridiculous!) or were already booked.  Finally, my cab appeared and of course I get carsick for the first time in years (nothing worse than any sort of motion sickness :( ) and the price was higher than what I was told over the phone.  A very unhappy, very cold, very exhausted child right here.

I'm finally writing to you all from the comfort of my bed at my student accommodations after the longest shower of my life, eating sweet corn as I can't be arsed to cook nor spend more money today.  Movement is not an option.

Tomorrow's going to be a busy day, much like those following so consider this a heads up regarding my more-than-likely lack of posting :)  Loads of packing and repacking to do, tying up the last loose ends with the accommodations, anddddd I should probably book my ticket back home.  Good news? Lily, my official new designated (airport) driver, is coming to see me tomorrow eheeheheheheheheheh YAY.

All my love and hopes that your travels have/will go smoother than mine!!



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