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19 January, 2014

Lights go down and the night is calling to me, yeah

Although our original plans for Friday night failed due to unforeseen circumstances (no fun being a host when you're ill!!) we managed to recover quite nicely.

Ended up going to a pre-party with some of Mads' mates and further on out into town.  I'd met the majority beforehand but it's always nice to do a follow-up and to continue where we left of last.

A lovely night filled with loads of interesting conversations (and for me that's nearly the most important) and no drama!! Gotta love that last part as well.  I forgot, as per usual, to take pictures in the midst of having such a good time....Promise to try to get better at that.

All my love, hope your weekends have been just what you needed them to be :)


Used my new ASOS clutch for the first time and I LOVE it.  There's definitely a lot going on but I ended up in head-to-toe black for a change.  It reminds me of the ocean :) Mads thinks it looks like a Christmas tree (BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!)


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