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26 January, 2014

I've Got 99 Problems...

Seriously in need of some positivity...that has just arrived in the form of my kebab/salad pizza!!

It feels like my insides are all tangled up and that a jar of butterflies has been trapped within me.  The stress of not knowing whether or not we get the flat we saw the other day is officially getting to me.  It's not even a long waiting time but it's all I can think about!!

Stressing over EVERYTHING at the moment and from that, a trillion other little things.  This lead me to include the cartoon below :)

I hate being in the position where you want to do everything but you can't because the "green light" you need is in the hands of others.  Time is against me and I'm really quite terrible at just constantly relaxing and not doing anything instead of being stressed to the brim 110% of the time and having a billion things to do.  Anyone have it similarly??

Oh, my luck with Sundays these days.  Hope yours have been better. New day tomorrow!!



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