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25 January, 2014

Home, Hungover, In Love

Just got home after a crazy night out with one of my best girls, Caro, and  I'm hoping that the fact that I'm currently not being cuddled means that my boyfriend is making me food and NOT speaking to his mother in his ski he may or may not have been forced to do so.

I guess that's highly dependent upon whether or not you consider my changing the words "love me" in Beyoncé's "Why Don't You Love Me" to "feed me" and singing it an an increasingly high tempo+volume in the car on repeat until he left for the kitchen counts as me forcing him.  This poor boy.

All I want to do is watch hangover telly, eat endlessly, read my favourite blogs...and dream about the flat we just saw.

Everything about it is stunning--the natural lighting, the array of different coloured wood, marble tops, big living room and bedroom, modern kitchen, location.....I NEED IT.  My heart will break into a trillion different pieces if they don't choose us :( Oh, pretty please!!

Off to hide from the human race (minus my boyfriend, but he doesn't count) and do absolutely nothing even remotely productive as in my current state, I'm no better than a crabby toddler.

Hope you had a lovely Friday and that you all have a great weekend :)

Loads of love,


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