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14 January, 2014

Heathrow via Kastrup

The day of my moving from England and back to Denmark arrived way sooner than I had expected.  Had one hell of a party the night before in our complex's common room that led to my potentially still being slightly intoxicated come 11 a.m. when my alarm went off and I was just getting out of the shower.

Half an hour later, the luggage parade began!! My two best helpers came to aid me in somehow getting my life out of my room, through the hallway, out of the courtyard, into the reception, in the lifts, and into the entrance so we could attempt to squish it all in to Lily's car.  Took one look at the boot and rang for a cab immediately :D Good thing we planned ahead!! Grabbed a bite to eat, met up with Claudia for goodbyes, took care of the final bit of the tenancy contract, and handed in my keycard before the rudest, most disrespectful, SOAB of a taxi driver came to pick up Lily, Jasmin, and myself and drives us to Heathrow.  I won't get into great detail as I might just punch a hole through the computer screen, but let's just put it this way...some people honestly shouldn't have a job that requires interacting with other people.  Ever.

Everything went well apart from that meanie and the overwhelming combination of being drunk while slowly getting a hangover.  Jasmin decided to join me on my journey to the airport, there weren't as many overweight suitcases as previously expected, was in and out of security in 5 minutes, had the perfect amount of time at the airport, and I slept a bit on the plane.

The real trouble began once I landed in Denmark.  Although I managed to, on my own, in stilettos, to plop all 9 suitcases onto their 3 respective trollies, the fact that no one is technically allowed to walk through customs and into the welcoming section of arrivals with you actually caused me to frustratingly break down in tears as I realised my poor boyfriend had already been standing outside, eagerly awaiting me, for 2 hours.  Preparing to leave half my luggage at one end and head to the other in the hopes that by casually causing a scene (involving an awful lot of dropped luggage...I wouldn't even need to try to do so) some poor soul would help me, the man who I had been speaking to brought forth another worker, both grabbed a trolley, and with the most potent change of emotion, I thankfully pushed forward with my two new favourite men, all the way out of customs and into the arms of my now nervous-looking, rose-holding boyfriend.

Alls well that ends well!


one of the only people I know who looks good in the morning ;)


snapchat lovin'

a nice thing to come home to ;)
finally decided just to buy my fav Topshop every colour and fabric ever made.


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