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02 January, 2014

Good Morning, Goodbye, Good News

Good morning lovelies :)

It's half past six as I'm writing this and I've said goodbye to my aunt, uncle, and beautiful baby cousin half an hour ago.  The thing with my family in specific is that we never really know when we'll see each other next again because as we all grow older, our lives get more complicated, priorities change, financial situations differ, and we're not just a few hours drive away, everyone requires a connecting flight or two.

It's been the most amazing Christmas treat to be able to witness Louie as a baby because he's growing up right before our eyes and the next time we see him, he'll be well on his way out of infantry and into becoming a little boy.  This holiday has gone by in the blink of an eye, it feels to me as though I've just arrived not that I'm on my way home in 3 days.

The last few days will be spent squeezing out quality time with daddy and sis, seeing the last few people, finishing up my American shopping list, and packing -___-  I'm off to a doctor,  A REAL DOCTOR, AN AMERICAN DOCTOR, MYYYY DOCTOR, to hopefully finally figure out what the actual ...................... is wrong with me.  This coughing business that's been going on for over a year now, yeah, needs to end.  A proper diagnosis instead of, "you have Pneumonia, you have Bronchitis, you have Asthma on top of those two," will be greatly appreciated, even if it won't be easy to hear.  Wish me luck!!

As for the good news, I do believe Mads and I have found a flat!! PLEASE keeps your fingers crossed for us, really hope that we get it since the tenancy length is quite literally perfection: 6 months.  It's central in Odense, I can get my puppy, it's furnished (needs my decor skills though ;) ), now we just need to be persistent enough to actually get ahold of the owner instead of their voicemail :/
Wish me luck again!! I'm being needy, I know.

I should attempt to get a few more hours of sleep but once I'm up...I'm up.

Have a good one sweethearts,


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