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23 January, 2014

Giorgio Armani Couture: SS 2014 Collection

Attempting to relax after another rough night of "sleep".  Don't think anyone's a fan of waking up after a nightmare with a headache so after helping out a bit 'round the flat it's just me, Modern Family, and a few hundred things to cross off on my to-do list which have been put to a pause because I've been working on the post for an embarrassing amount of time due to my paranoia of doing a post like this for the first time.  In the world of fashion critic and praise go hand-in-hand but in my opinion, in order to master both, it takes time and attention to fine detail.

Stumbled across this stunning collection a few days ago and I couldn't resist sharing my top 5 picks and my thoughts on them.

1.) This dress is so impeccably unique.  The elegant mixture of old and new put into the piece as a whole, in specific addition to the paisley-like designs placed directly above the hips takes it to an entirely different level.  The multitude of aspects and unexpected components of this dress--brocade, lace overlay, the colour selections, creates a timeless image.  The translucent, shimmery material used, creates a fuller look to otherwise slim-cut design due to the draped overlay that cascades downwards into an intricate swirl of whimsical patterns.

At a first glance, it may look as though the inner part of the dress is covered with polka-dots, mixed in with a lace-like banded stripe, however, if you look closer, you see that the geometric shape trend has been incorporated with the diamond-like pattern that wraps around in a cage-esc physic in thick form.

The midnight blue, silver, and bordeaux colour scheme screams royalty in a previous era, begging the question of how the designer happened upon not just one, but all of these different components and ideas, somehow managing to effortlessly creating a collective piece of art.  The vintage-like headpiece and earrings, along with the simplistic face works perfectly and only adds attention to dress itself.  The dramatic yet subtle smokey eye was the ultimate final touch to this breathtaking piece.

2.)  In comparison to the first, I'm a fan of the red clutch seen in this runway photograph.  I don't see how it coordinates well in the first piece, as shown above, but the darker undertone and differentiation of fabric and print, compliments the two-piece sparkle-covered structured top, and the heavy-yet-airy feel of the slightly flared high-waisted pants.  It's an unlikely but flawless combination of modern-day business woman, with an ode to the past  (think: Gatsby meets disco).  The material used appears to be a thicker boucle tied in with the sparkle--special, to say the least.  Another standout.

3.)  This final piece took my breath away.  I absolutely adore the mix of dark blue and gold in every-day wear as I feel it adds a regal and classic feel to any ensemble.  The matte shimmer of the gold working it's way through the beautiful pop-out blue lace, reminiscent of a fisherman's net gone-high fashion, gives the fabric movement and in my eyes, a very Mediterranean feel.





**I claim no ownership/rights to the photographs below.  All credit goes to their rightful owner**

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