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10 January, 2014


Hello all :)

Been an eventful day today (which isn't these days?!) and thankfully, much more successful than yesterday!  Lily and I just wanted desperately to grab a bite to eat for dinner (stupid girls that we are, neither of us had eaten all day) but little did we know that we were walking into the worst possible choice of a restaurant for us.

Thinking we'd try something new instead of heading to our favourite restaurant, we walked in to a place known as Frankie and Benny's.  After terrible service and a 15 minute wait just to get some drinks, we weren't exactly in the best of moods.  Once the appetisers arrived, my Bruschetta being the furthest thing from what I recall as being Bruschetta (since when does this dish involve massive slices of Garlic bread made with Ciabatta?!), our off-mood continued as they got their strike #2 for the evening.

We'd already decided at this point to never ever return, but were of course still starved and had thus proceeded to order our main courses.  After sharing a moment of silence due to the shock and awe of what just arrived on our plates, we decided to get the bill and book it to our usual restaurant, Coast to Coast, just around the corner.  Strike 3.

I'm not sure what Lils got could be classified as chicken and I could have gotten the same quality of burger at the McDonalds down the road.  Don't believe me? Photographic evidence provided below.

Woke up before half-past three in the afternoon today (take that, jet lag!!) in order to sort out the last few details with my bank and to head to Brent Cross shopping mall with Lily and Lizzy to pick up suitcase #8.  I've now also managed to finish packing everything and now having a total of 9 suitcases packed and prepped for the flight home to Denmark tomorrow afternoon.

Although it was quite close to the size I saw online when I purchased it, I quickly realised it wasn't big enough.  Grabbed some lunch at Leon, a healthy fast-food restaurant that the girls adore, looked at some VERRRRRYYY sparkley phone cases (ordered online as we ran out of time!), and headed home with both suitcases.

Tonight's all about having an amazing last night with everyone but hey, goodbyes won't be too hard, as I've decided to come back in February for Jazzy's birthday.

TGIF!! Have a good one :*

P.S. Back on Instagram :) xxemkirstinexx


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