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03 January, 2014

First Days: 2014

Afternoon lovelies :)

I've got two great bits of news to share with you!! One, the girl who was interested in my studio room in London is officially moving in.  All that's left for me to do is to book a ticket back to Denmark and deal with a few last-minute things in London before jetting back home.  PHEW!!! That was the last important thing that my future 6 months was riding on so I for one, am incredibly happy!!

Secondly, Mads and his mummy dearest went to see the flat we'd been looking at yesterday and LOVED IT.  The contract is being sent to our respective legal attorneys and hopefully everything is as it should be and that we get the place!! EEEKKKKKK!!!!

It's not the worst thing when you can, on the first few days of January, go swimming!! Lina and I decided to be active and have been at the pool twice now doing 15, and then yesterday, 20 laps each.  Today? 25!! I miss swimming and will definitely be looking into a place in Denmark where I could potentially get that exercise in...just not a big fan of public swimming pools.

Once we'd burned off a bit of energy, and I say that specifically instead of 'calories' because of the fact that right after we got back from our nightly swim, Lina, Daddy, my Godfather, Brad, and I went to our favourite sports bar for dinner.

We've been frequenting Goldie's since Lina and I were about 4 and 6, if not younger.  I might not look like it, but damn I love a good sport's bar!! The Suns were playing against the Grizzlies (and lost to them -___-), we stuffed our faces without anyone batting an eye, and got our traditional dessert--the cookie skillet.

I quite literally did nothing but read a few pages of my newest book before I passed out at 9:00, only to wake up 12 hours later to go to the dentist.

Off to a mani-pedi date with my darling sister after feasting out massively today at our favourite sushi place.  These past two days have just been packed full with delicious stomach has expanded excessively.  And here I thought I was doing all too well (I've for some reason, lost weight this past month...) with avoiding the extra holiday weight ;) Not that I'm complaining!!


Mini-update on my doctor's appointment:  He did more in an hour and a half than multiple Danish doctor's did in over a year.  Full blood panel, chest x-ray, breathing treatment, and has given me a new inhaler with the same medication in it as there was in my breathing treatment in addition to medicine for Whooping Cough...something I'd originally asked the doctor's in Denmark to check for but in response was told that I was full of......... malarkey. 

Here's hoping everything goes well and that I can, for once in what feels like forever, be healthy!!!


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