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17 January, 2014


Afternoon and TGIF!!

I expected this week to go by all too quickly but it's been a surprisingly slow pace given the lack of events.  Thankfully weekend means I have the opportunity to see a few people and the fun and games begin!! Mads and I have a flat viewing this Sunday, hope it all goes well :) Really need to pick up the pace seeing as I 3 visitors all booked and ready to smother me with love come Valentine's Day but I guess these things take time.

Went to see mama for a delicious dinner and a movie (the usual ;) ) last night with the boy and she made homemade Enchiladas!! Another reason to love this woman endlessly.  Love a super cosy night in with my best girl and some delicious food.  Throw on a movie with Angelina Jolie and you've got a sure-fire night.

Have a good weekend lovelies!



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