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19 January, 2014

Big Tee Love

All cuddled up and ready for bed in hopes of a better, more productive and positive day tomorrow.
Over Christmas I'd finally purchased a few t-shirts from a company that I'd had my eyes on for awhile (but they only ship to America), Road Kill T-Shirts (link below).  Some of them are perfection, absolute hilarious (if you're into really dark, sarcastic, and at times, terrible humour)... This would be one of them.  I'm a big fan of PJ's.  All day, e'ryday if actual clothing is uneccessary (or pants for that matter...)  Nothing better than a nice big t-shirt...or a silk negligee. Depends on the day!! :D

I've just realised that dear, sweet Photo Booth, flips the writing the wrong way.
It reads: "I'd be unstoppable if not for law enforcement and physics. Hands down, one of my favourites!! Mainly because I firmly believe in the truth behind that statement ;)

Sweet dreams :*
Hope you've had a good weekend.


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