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06 January, 2014

Passing Time In Sky Harbor

Evening :)

Been sitting here in my gate for a good 20 min. now, enjoying my blow pop, making friends, and flat hunting. Made ridiculously good time today even with what I had expected to be a suitcase fiasco.

When people are nice, specifically in places like airports, it really just makes my entire day.  Expect to have to seriously cough up for both of my ridiculously overweight suitcases but got superbly lucky.  My dad and sister knew the guy working the booth we went to at the baggage counter and for whatever reason, after I had paid for the first suitcase and had taken out the money left for the last one he just said, "don't worry about it".  I'M A SINCERELY HAPPY CAMPER AT THE MOMENT.

Headed upstairs to say our "see ya laters" and head through security where, of course, I ended up being the centre of and my racoon eyes.  Had to go through the metal detector right around 6 times and none of us could figure out what it was that kept setting it off.  Thankfully everyone, security officials and the people queued up behind me included, was in the mood for some entertainment and took it all with a smile on their face and in stride.  I nearly bowed to my generous audience when I got through successfully.

I've got another 45 minutes or so before boarding so I plan to kick-back, relax, take some Miley-inspired pics for you all, miss my Daddy and little sister, and enjoy the gummies I just found that I haven't eaten since I was.....probably around 13.

Have a good night!


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