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14 January, 2014

A Happy 49th.

Hello chickadies :*

As promised, your stream of posts!! ;)

I flew in in perfect time without fully realising it...the day before my mummy's birthday!!
This meant a mini family gathering inclusive of, what else, but loads of sushi and prezzies for the lady of honour.

A super cosy night in with my grandparents, my mum's friend, Mads all there as well and my my did time fly!! Mads and I drove back to Odense afterwards and didn't make it back until 3 o'clock in the morning....Guess that's what happens once you let me and my mum into the same room together after a whole month of separation.  It was unfortunately one of those nights where, because you're having such a great time, that you all forget the camera's/smartphones you've carefully sat next to your seat at the table and end up with a near-record-breaking 2 pictures of the entire night. Whoopsies :P

Love you endlessly mama, hope you had a wonderful night and that we get to have many more fabulous birthdays ahead together :)



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