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30 December, 2013

Wrapping It Up: Flagstaff 2013

Afternoon :)

Apologies for the lack of posting these past few days, been quite busy packing up everything from the cabin and travelling back down to the valley.  Now all our suitcases are unpacked, the final Christmas presents given, flat cleaned, I've re-packed, and got parcels lined up for returns (I am one picky customer these days)!!

Another Christmas come and gone, all of us back home in good 'ol Scottsdale to ring in the new year before saying our goodbyes as we venture back to our separate countries.

It couldn't have been any more perfect with our friends heading to the Cayman Islands as my aunt and uncle flew in from them.  The entire concept of this holiday was nothing more than wishful thinking this past summer when Lina was out visiting them and the baby.  Thanks to her ideas and to everyone's brainstorming, hard work, and willingness, we had one of the best holidays yet :)

A few final pictures from the stunning cabin we stayed in as well as a few from our last day in Flagstaff.



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