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28 December, 2013

Thank YOU!!

Good morning <3

I can't believe I'm already writing another one of these posts so soon after returning to the blogosphere but I'm doing so gladly!!

It's been wonderful getting back into the routine of writing, preparing, and photographing aspects of my life for my blog again and as rewarding as that is on it's own, the rising number of daily page views has taken me by surprise.

Considering exactly how long I was gone, it wouldn't have surprised me in the slightest if just another girl's blog had simply fallen off the grid, making it more difficult to return with the same amount of support.  It's been the right opposite.  My expectations of time being both my enemy and friend have been blown out of the water.

It's officially been just over a week since my unexpected break from blogging and the support is breath-taking.  Today alone you guys have given Smoke In The Rain nearly 900 page views from 8+ different countries. How mental is that?!?!??!?!

A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who's been checking in and reading, it means the world. Best Christmas present so far!! I'll try not to leave you all out of the blue any time soon.

Infinite amounts of love and thanks,


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