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20 December, 2013



That was thought/spoken as awkwardly as it was written because in all honestly, I have no idea how to start this.

Though I have longed to find the time and strength to begin writing/sharing pieces of my life again, I've also, to a certain extent, nearly dreaded it.  Simply due to the fear of disappointing the otherwise astonishing fan base that I had somehow managed to acquire in such a surprisingly small amount of time as I'm sure I already have....but, I promise, with good reason.

I say this in the nicest, warmest way I can muster, but those of you who need to know what triggered my sudden and extensive absence from the blogosphere, know.  It's not said in order to belittle or leave those of my readers whom I do not personally know or am not extensively close to, hanging, trust me.

The day after my last post this summer, a traumatic event in the family occurred that required my, amongst others, full attention, time, and emotions.  It's taken a significant and understandable toll on me--something I've recently, with the help of a few people--finally accepted and realised to it's fullest.  This is the main reason that I've also decided to leave my life in London in order to return home to Denmark for approximately a year.

A lot to absorb, I know. For me as well.

As it has been in the past, these strange start-ups are always the most difficult. What to say? How to say it? How much or how little detail is appropriate? Where do I start? Should I begin right where I left off with pictures and stories or just say, "f*ck it" and start anew?

A few of the questions I'm dealing with floating about in my confused lil head as I lie awake here in Scottsdale, Arizona next to my sleeping baby sister as I hear the basketball game ending in my father's room down the hall...eagerly awaiting the arrival of my aunt and uncle from the Cayman Islands.  This year, with a very special present in miracle of a baby cousin, Louie.  I CANNOT PUT INTO WORDS HOW EXCITED I AM TO SEE THIS CHILD....So this keyboard spazz will have to do: (/&%€E%DRCFGB!# NM;LÆPO=I)(/T&R%!DCFBH# JNKM!L;ÆØPOKIU#()Y/T&FCR!G HVBM I)(PT/R&FTY!GUBHJNK€LMPOI)U(Y/T&FTVGHBNMLD€%!#&(/)(U)!ÅIOPØÅ?

...just to add flair, I definitely also just adjusted the lighting on both my screen AND keyboard throughout that adorable little spasm there in addition to seriously messing with the volume (and now my ears) of "Little White Lies" playing on repeat. If you have to ask who by, I'm not sure we can be friends :P

I hope I haven't managed to lose too much of your support, was the last thing I wanted to have happen and surprisingly (Ice Queen, remember? -__-) was however NOT the last thing on my mind.  Much as I've wanted, at times genuinely needed to blog, it just hasn't been a possibility.  I've missed it terribly, and have continued to take pictures and add things to my "Blog posts/inspirations" folder on iPhoto (big deal), and all-in-all, I hope you understand and that we can collectively manage to get SITR up and running in full-gear ASAP.

All my love, with more posts to come,


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