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26 December, 2013

Small Town Love: Autumn Break, 2013

What started off as me going to Denmark to surprise my family, friends, and boyfriend (had convinced him I couldn't come to his graduation party due to a massive 3-day-long uni presentation), turned into an extended Autumn Break that came with my decision to move back home for the next semester.

I'd been feeling so surprisingly homesick for Denmark, missing the people and the times I had there...every little aspect of it, my heart longed for.  I had been ignoring it as best as I could for as long as I could but after a very convincing impromptu "intervention"/chat over dinner with Josephine, the decision became more and more of a reality.  I researched my arse off and finally, slowly, started hinting at it to my closest friends and family members.  An overwhelming amount of support came in return and with my Mitigating Circumstances claim just recently being APPROVED/ACCEPTED!!!!!!!! the signs seem to positive until further notice (and thank goodness for that)! It's all coming together :)

I touched down in Billund, Jylland early in morning with my new floppy hat half my weight in suitcases in  tow.  The main negative of being in a country without anyone knowing about it (and I mean NO ONE) is that there's not all too many options to get to your destination as practically or as cheaply as normal.  This airport isn't exactly known for it's fabulous public transportation connections unlike Kastrup (in Copenhagen) where the train is basically built into the airport.

Given the distance, my luggage, and exhaustion, I cabbed it all the way into Odense where I there took the train to Svendborg and a taxi right up to mum's front door.  Her face, much like Mads' and my grandparents' a little later on, was nothing short of priceless.  The plan was originally for me to have waited all the way up 'til his Svendegilde (graduation party) but as I had just discovered "reading week", I'd left early.  This meant that I could either keep my being in the country for over a week a secret until then, or see him before and then pretend to fly back home........Wonder which I chose!! :D

With the help of my ever resourceful mama, we managed to convince him that there was an urgent package he needed to pick up before his weekend trip to Holland with the lads.  Thankfully he ended up coming straight after work to collect this mysterious parcel of his, otherwise...ohhhh the regret ;P

As I hid in a separate room, he sat unsuspectingly, eagerly awaiting in the kitchen, wondering what on Earth could be so important.  I heard my mum say, "I'll go grab the package" (code for me to enter/her to come and gather me) and I walked on in.  I don't think I've ever seen someone's face go so red or a jaw drop so quickly!!  Proceeded to make my well-known favourite, durum kebabs for the perfect ending to the day.  Surprised Mormor & Morfar (grandparents) a few days later in my infamous Stitch onesie.

Most of my time spent in Svendborg was used on "hygge" with mummy, homemade creations (or rather observing hers ;) ), going to the market (one of my favourite places/things to do), soaking in the massive progress that her flat's gone through, a family event or two, lot's of good food, and good company :)

All the best,

me, myself, and my forehead :P

my beautiful mama :)


xx mummy & me loafs xx

dinner with the life coach ;) hehe Much love to you Jose!!


A beautiful Christmasy Odense din-din with Polina 


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