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28 December, 2013

Sedona Sneak Peek: Crystal Magic

As previously mentioned, we went on a bit of an outing to the stunning Sedona a couple of days back.

My phone was technically supposed to be charged but of course was not so I still am not in possession of the majority of the pictures from this trip as I had to use the fam's electronic devices instead (god I miss my camera!).

If you all stay as patient as me then we'll make it through.
If either of us gives in...well....Armageddon, quite simply.

One of the stops on our journey is one of my mum's favourite stores.  When I first heard about a place called "Crystal Magic", I was all too quick to judge.  Learnt my lesson when I walked into the store and could have maxed out my credit card and used the rest of our journey just gawking at the amazing things they had.

The concept in itself is pretty cool; that certain crystals, minerals, herbs, etc. have healing powers both emotional, mental, and physical.  If it weren't for the fact that I grew up learning a lot about Native Americans and their traditions and rituals, I'd think what some of you might be thinking at the moment: what a load of malarkey!!

If you look back in time, or even to different countries now-a-days, you'd realise that there have been times and are places where Flu shots and Panodil simply aren't a part of the picture.  Even in areas where modern-medicine is accessible, some people choose to survive without it and thanks to natural, herbal remedies (LIKE THOSE OF THE NATIVE AMERICANS (amongst others)), it's possible.

Even if it might not be 100% legitimate, so much of what you can buy there would make for some serious kick-arse decor and/or gifts and overall was a really cool place to experience.


Got one of these beauts for myself :)

Found mum's tattoo hanging on the wall ;)


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