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27 December, 2013

Reformatting: Feedback

Good evening my lovelies,

We've just finished eating my 3 cheese Fettuccine Alfredo for din-din and are all sprawled out in different areas of the room rubbing our way-too-full tummies.  Only a good sign!! ;)

Before I got around to cooking tonight I gave SMITR a good look-see and realised that I haven't ever made a really decent effort in changing the layout/formatting/overall vibe of my blogs because I haven't had time.

I'll admit, it's a pretty big change for me to see everything looking so....different.  It's more complex but hopefully in a way that will, in the long run, make it more simple.  I hope to get some feedback from you--good and bad, bring it on!! The best method of contact would likely be my twitter: either in a direct message or tweet :) Much appreciated dolls xx

I'll get to work on editing the pictures taken since I've been back in Arizona and on holiday once I'm a bit more awake and a bit less full!! We didn't get back from Sedona, grocery shopping, and lunch 'til around 2:30 I believe it was.  Played a bit of overly competitive ping-pong with my daddy, uncle, and sister, and then attempted to edit this baby right here before hopping into cooking for the fam :) *phew*

Hope you've had a wonderful day and that you don't hold back in comments or on Twitter regarding the new layout.  Give it some time though and I'll promise to do the same!!



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