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27 December, 2013

Pre-Christmas London (Part 4)

After this magnificent post, I've managed to catch up all the way back from summer!!! *Slow clap followed by a manic squeal* YEEEAHLLLALAWWAGBHDQDQFQHBJQ Proud.

If only you knew what was coming.....WUAHAHAHAHA There's nearly an unacceptable amount of pictures that have been taken this past holiday season here in AZ.  Granted, that is mostly because of the baby...making it slightly more acceptable especially considering I can't/won't be sharing those pics anyways.  Wish I could share just one because he really is the most beautiful thing that's ever existed, but I see where Auntie is coming from.

After coming back with just a big decision having just being made and in the works of being finalised, my time in London before flying out to the US was a million times better than I could have imagined, even with it being packed-full (as I'm sure it will be in a little over a week's time as well ;) ) with things to do and people to spend time with.

It really hit me once I stepped out of the cab in Wembley how right everything suddenly felt with the knowledge that this wasn't permanent, no, but just a quick visit.  That in itself convinced me 110% that I had thankfully made the right decision in acknowledging and acting upon the fact that London and I just weren't made for each other at this point in time; neither ready for the other.

I came back to my room being filled with a hundred and one parcels (YAY, EARLY MISHMASSSSS!!!) and immediately (even though I hadn't slept nor eaten in 24 hours) felt the urge to begin packing up my room.  I went to work and within a few hours, over half was properly fitted into suitcases and ready come January!!  I've decided to include a bit of a sneak-peek for you as I*m being hopeful enough to think that I'll get back into doing the OOTD's I attempted once upon a time.

Dinner, cocktails, flat parties, and one hell (quite literally) of a night out with the girls and the days flew by way too quickly!! Before I knew it I was stumbling out of bed and on my way to Heathrow for that wonderful (well, when you land... ) 10 hour flight back to Arizona.


Flying back into London

My welcome home prezzies for and from myself :P

I've gone a bit cray-cray these past few months...

Rewards of Billund Airport shopping

I'd say my and Lily's friendship has a positive looking future....Chicken Caesar Salad <3

Tell me this girl's not the cutest thing....

This picture!! Oh, Zara...

Lily's giggly face is everything!

Flat party with the ladies xx

I'm the crazy one?! You're the one waving hello with your feet, Miss!! 

Last night out in Mayfair with the girlies before Christmas!!

"Way too many people in the Addison Lee...." 



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