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28 December, 2013

Picture Perfect Pasta

Evening all :)

Auntie Helene is attempting to cook yet another semi-healthy dinner with (EEKKKKK!!) veg on the side!! It's pretty amusing how much my Dad & sister fear her healthy food, even though it's not over-the-top no soy, no gluten, no meat,, food.  The conversations I hear between the two of them in the kitchen these days, I can't hold back my laugher!! Looking forward to din-din tonight, I love some nicely cooked Salmon! Mmmmm.

Speaking of nicely cooked....(tehee) here are the pictures from me making some of my 3-cheese Fettuccine Alfredo with white-whine and garlic sautéed prawns with lemon zest :) Super simple and if done right (when I've got luck on my side and a kitchen that I know), really yummy!! I wish I could give you a recipe but I never actually follow one :/ It's pretty self-explanatory when you see the pictures I hope.

Decently impressed considering I've rarely cook on a gas stove, nor do I know this kitchen very well at all, and it was all ready to go in 45 minutes.  Verdict? Definitely edible according to the fam ;) Quite a summery/spring-y meal but everyone was up for that naught, heavy cheese sauce so why not?!

Enjoy!! Don't hesitate to ask me either in a comment, direct message, or tweet, if you have any questions.

xxEm (Master Chef in training ;) )

They were out of fresh Fettuccine :( WAHHHH the only downside!!

Spicing the prawns with Salt, Pepper, and Paprika

The cook always deserves a reward!!

Make sure the sauce isn't too thin/thick.  The perfect amount of Pepper is my biggest tip when it comes to Alfredo!

Remember that prawns (unless bought alive) should be cooked last (usually as your pasta's just finished) and don't need longer than 5-7 minutes dependent on size.  Once they change colour, they're done!!

Add sauce...make sure you don't drown the pasta!! Always nice to have some leftovers :)

Cos Lina was there too :D

Not usually done with this dish but I've always added a decent amount ( a little less than shown here ) of lemon zest to the dish.  It gives it an unexpected tangy aspect.  Careful not to use too much!!

Add fresh Basil leaves in the end :)

Rule of the kitchen: whoever cooks, doesn't clean!! 
(Unless you're me and you can't sit still...)

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