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27 December, 2013

"Mishmas": 2013

As promised, a post on my Christmas day/Eve and all the many photographs that go along with it. Everyone had their smartphones and cameras out throughout the day as it was Louie's 1st. Christmas after all, so we had a good excuse at least for this one day.

Of course he still had a bedtime so he wasn't up partying all night (then again, neither were the rest of us!) but we did manage to get him to open a few of his prezzies.  Although he couldn't be less bothered with what was inside, the boxes, strings, and wrapping paper were a serious hit!!  His mama however, did enjoy the set of island-themed onesies, swim trunks and matching swim-tee, his new rainbow spinning hat, teething puppy, Phoenix Sun's onesie, Danish books....I could go on for the next paragraph.  This miracle baby will forever be spoiled.

The day went by quickly as it always does regardless if you barely have a moment to sit down or if that's what 99% of your moments are taken up with :P  We watched our Christmas movies, enjoyed the beautiful scenery surrounding us, took some pictures by the warm fire, and stuffed ourselves with uncomfortable amounts of Daddy's phenomenally made Christmas dinner.

Once prezzie-time rolled around and we had our Danish rice pudding, the night felt like it was already over.  It seemed to be a successful Christmas on the materialistic front.  I'm sure there's not a single family member who walked away discontent with their new goodies and it's not every time that you hit the nail right on the head with everyone so that was great :)

All in all an enjoyable Christmas.  So strange to think that now there's another year to go before it's "that time of the year" again.  It's lovely while it lasts, and I celebrate Christmas from the 1st. of December onwards so to soak it all in.  Let's just hope that some of that Christmas spirit sticks around a bit longer, would be nice if we could all try to bring it into the rapidly approaching new year!!

Hope you have a fantastic night surrounded by your loved ones and got some things you wished for.  And hey, if Santa disappointed....the sales won't!! ;)

ASOS US has a sale on top of a sale, be sure to give that a look:

Mango US is doing 50% off on everything from their Fall/Winter collection as well:

I'm sure there's a zillion other sales going on (heard Zara, Mod Cloth, amongst others) at the moment but these are the two that I'll for sure be looking into ;)

All the best,

the babe and his big brother on Christmas :)

wish it was mine!! haha Lina got Daddy a handmade Dobby doll!!!!! #jealous



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