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26 December, 2013

Mads' Svendegilde & 21st. Birthday

Good morning babes :)

As a Dane, we've got a seriously extended Christmas so for me, it technically isn't even over yet, but I hope you've all had a wonderful holiday season--for those of you who are already done celebrating your specific holiday that is.  For those of you who still have awhile to wait, enjoy it once it rolls around!!

Josie had work early the next morning and I had a date with my favourite Russian, Po, in Odense before meeting up with Mad's cousin.  Had a proper nice day with both Polina, Trine, and their mates/boyfriends respectively.  What originally was supposed to be a quick drink or two turned into a full-blown girls night :D

The day after Trine, her boyfriend Thor, and myself did a bit of shopping before insanity struck and my panic settled in regarding the night.  I can usually get ready for an event in MAX an hour and a half--shower included.  Thankfully I was intelligent enough to start WAAAAYYY ahead of that usual time because with my luck, nothing every goes fully as planned.  Had a really elaborate plait that I had, of course never tried before, planned for the festivities.  Not sure I can put a already existential word on what I ended up looking like even with 3 girls in total attempting to work it out haha

I instead went for an old Hollywood glam side-swept curl look which ended up being better in the end as my bright cobalt blue lace skater dress was a bit of a showstopper in itself ;) Alls well that ends well, we were in perfect time and everything went brilliantly.  I got to meet even more (who knew it was possible!) of his lovely family members and friends who are all honestly just such cool, relaxed, fun people that sincerely contribute to the overall success of such an event.  The one unsuccessful thing? Us two getting a single picture together that night. But enjoy the trillions that were taken by him of me and his best mate :P

Much like his graduation party, his 21st. was also very relaxed.  Both are based on the two things that they should be (in my opinion)--good food and good company!!  Had a lovely dinner just us two and his parents at one of his favourite cafĂ©'s and spent some quality time together.

Still a bit surreal for me to write this now looking back on even just a month.  It was even more so when writing about our relationship's progression throughout the summer but even just this seems bazaar for me.  Maybe because he's basically a million miles away right now :(

All my love to you all and to my favourite little Chubby Bunny :*
Wouldn't want you any other way <3


Don't ask me what that face was for...but he probably didn't deserve it!


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