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31 December, 2013

Louie Lovin'

Louie and I have just made it through a whole 5 hour babysitting day successfully!!

No crying, had a nice 2:30 hr. kip, et a whole bottle (he's even started holding it on his own a bit), we played and named his new teething toy (Ella The Elephant) danced, played with our homemade's been a long and very eventful day!!

This meant that his mummy, daddy, and cousin Lina could get some shopping done and that I got baby one-on-one time which was lovely.  I miss working around kids, perhaps a future job as an au pair wouldn't be the worst idea?

Think we might order in some sushi for dinner tonight, play a few boardgames/cards with the fam, get a bit more packing done and some blog posts setup if I'm lucky.  Can't believe how many parcels have arrived and how many there are to come.  It's getting a bit crazy but I'm beyond what some would diagnose/label as a "shopaholic" and the sales have been amazing to me this year.

Chuffed with what I've bought so far and super excited for the last few bits. My beautiful rose-gold diamond ring arrive yesterday and I'm IN LOVE, haven't taken it off since. We'll just say it's my Christmas present from the boy, that way he looks good!

Hope you've all had a lovely day and are all prepared to ring in the new year!!



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