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24 December, 2013

London & Denmark: Part 1

IT'S OFFICIALLY CHRISTMASSSSSSS!!!! (as I'm writing this.... 00:04 a.m.)

I've just put the baby cousin down after singing every song I can remember from my playlists this past year and potentially throwing out my pathetic excuse for a back.

Please, oh please let him peacefully sleeping at least 'til 5 ish be my early gift!! I'm sure everyone else might just cry with joy. Fingers tightly crossed. 15 minutes down....a couple of hours to go.

He's the most perfect little baby.  Looks and acts 95% of the time just like an angel.  But he's become ill for his first time in his 8-month-long life so the Louie everyone's used to just isn't here at the moment :( Hoping just as much for his sake as I am his parents' that he gets some seriously needed rest. Bless him.

I'm trying to follow the plan I've given you in my previous post as best as I can.  The first few pictures taken in both London and on my first trip back to Denmark will be included in this post, with many others to follow consecutively.

Hope you're well and as excited for the holidays to begin!


Ya see the point I made about friends and Tesco?! hahaha 

My serious cooking skills put to work ;) Steamed veg, rice, and nuts...nam nam nam. I'm a simple girl (sometimes) :D

Exploring...5-10 min. away from uni!

"Spicy Asian food"-Zahra

First night out....At Penthouse. (not recommended but hey, Freshers :P )

The only positive thing I've got to say about Penthouse is the view!! If only I could have captured it better :/

First day of uni pep-talk via Skype :)

I called in my Swedish backup ;) First time at IKEA on your own...AND on a Sunday?! TRAUMATISING. Mini-story: Once Eleanor arrived and we'd gotten most the stuff of my and her list we decided we deserved a break with some good 'ol meatballs.  We left the cart, as requested, outside of the eating area and once we was gone and they claimed they were closing an entire hour earlier than we thought!! 
After running around looking for our filled-to-the-brim cart we were told that they took it downstairs to empty (along with my winter jacket at the bottom I might add). WELL THEN. Did not just waste 6 hours so, as the other shoppers (gotta love the Londoners completely ignoring the lady on the speaker system saying that they were closing and instead continuing to lie on the beds, look at different pillows, taking their merry time....Couldn't give less of a F=)=HYG€UB!J hahah So funny!!), we decided to grab two new carts, and at record-time speed, we zoomed through IKEA picking up as many items we could re-find as humanly possible, even receiving a, "More power to ya!!" from the man who had helped us locate our cart. The most amusing experience by far!! :D

Moving into my studio room! 

View from the roof-top garden at the student accommodations 

All I et for a good week....Tomato soup, Theraflu, and Salt Sticks :/

Going home from my first day at Uni :)

Going out for some American grub with Zahra in Piccadilly's Circus 

Break 1 from London! Perfect timing with Mads' graduation ceremony!

Off to Mads' friend's graduation party

Lovely to come home to some of my pre-ordered goodies!!! Michael Kors and Andy Tom are my two favourites even now.

Worker boots v.s. loafers
Opposites attract!

A nice 3 hour nap why don't ya?! I only flew in early enough so I could in all technicality actually make it to my lectures...Forgot this aspect of living in a big city.

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