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24 December, 2013

London Calling

It genuinely pains me that I haven't been able to update you all with all of these massive life changes that have occurred within these past few months...Especially when regarding my move to London.

Thing is, when I have the opportunity to update you as I go along and live my life...the small details make their way in and have a stronger ability to make an impact that if I, well, forget them.  Either that or they do make their way into my post but by that point, due to their lack of relevance, aren't as potent as they originally may have been.

Oh well, love me.  I've been such a grump over not having time to share my pictures and stories on my blog that I haven't shared them anywhere else either.  Been completely MIA regarding pics on my Twitter, Instagram, Facebook...IF THAT DOESN'T SHOW MY LOVE I DON'T KNOW WHAT DOES :D  Y'all get it first, that simple hehe

I'm not sure there's actually a short way to accurately summarise my hell of a move to the big city but I'll give it a go.

Loads of difficult goodbyes were done, an abnormal amount of things were shoved into my scarce number of suitcase, and I was off.  Mads drove me to the airport in Copenhagen so we were, of course, up superbly early.  The benefit of this was that I was able to Skype my sister along the way (gotta love modern-day technology sometimes) so that she was also somehow a direct part of it all, and secondly, the absolutely stunning view we had along the way.  It hit me how much I was really going to miss Denmark as we saw the sunrise over the hills of green meadows, fog drifting over the ocean picturesque that I'm sure some bigger power definitely had some sort of a say in things that day.   Then again, I'm a big believer in signs....actually following them and my instinct, not so much.  Another ironic moment I'm having here posting about leaving Denmark now that I've made the official decision to return to it for some time.

Any-who, we make it to the airport and I find out that a mate of mine from Herlufsholm, Telissa, is apparently flying out the same day (though not to the same country). Hadn't seen her in a couple of months and she'd only heard about this new boy so the fact that I not only got to giver her a quickie update on life, introduce her to him, and tell her how excited I was  she was moving to Essex just a few weeks after I was moving to London, kind of perfect.

Of course, airlines know how to ruin these beautiful moments by their ridiculous b.s. regulations....nearly always in my case (and yes I know I could prevent it most of the time, but still) interfere with the time I have at the airports with my loved ones.  This time was no different.  When I'm travelling, I do attempt to travel as lightly as possible but hey, a girl like me can only do so much.  I must take this opportunity to say what a load of =)(/&%€EDRFGVHBJK!OI I think it is that established airlines such as British Airways don't have some sort of offer, discount, or aid for students moving to another country...for people moving to another country!! If you haven't got more stuff than what you can fit into a handful of suitcases on your first go, it's a real mood-damper, money-waster, and time-consumer.

I had expected that all of my luggage would be overweight and was prepared to pay the price (metaphorically, emotionally, literally....).  However, I didn't expect one of my suitcases to actually be denied access onboard the plane.  Right, I'm travelling alone with a shiii-ton of luggage, moving to another country to study, and of course the guy behind the counter "just doing his job" will be as rude, unhelpful, and sanctimonious as possible.  Ended up running to 7-11 to buy a trillion bags that I could stuff a good 10+ kilo into for the boy to take home again.  The process in itself is obviously stressful and unwanted but what I didn't realise is exactly how quickly time suddenly passed.

No one in my family, as I'm sure I've mentioned somewhere before, is good at goodbyes.  Even if it is just, "see you soon" never really know.  That didn't change whatsoever when Mads suddenly looked at me and said, "Babe, I'm leaving in 10 min."...nudging me to accept the fact that if I didn't get up to security pretty soon, I'd miss my flight.  Didn't expect to have this moment with him to begin with, or to have a long-distance relationship after meeting him so I think all of that on top of all else was just adding fire to the petrol...Goodbyes for me aren't necessarily just directed towards the people there either.  It's suddenly this mad rush of memories, thoughts, people, that comes all at once; especially this time around, understandably.

Had a good handful of people check on me on my way up to security ( think: hyperventilating racoon) Made it to London safe and sound, breezed on through the airport and it's necessary checkpoints in under 15 minutes...and ended up using over an hour sitting there like an idiot waiting on my lassttttt suitcases to come on top the carousel.  My patience isn't in tip-top shape as it is but after that hour, enough was enough and I hitched it on over to information/assistance only to be informed that for some bazaar reason, it never made it on to the plane -____- 24 hour wait, lovely lovely.

It was quite strange being in Heathrow on the outside and in a different terminal than I'm used to.  I've been to London a billion times throughout my life but I was either too young to fully recall full details or it's been in different parts of the airport.  I'm not sure why, but as soon as I stepped outside and saw the dancing fountains, the different people, hearing the mix of English accents....a wave of "I can't believe I made it," emotion washed over me.  Absolute awe.  Thankfully this happened because it was all that kept me in a good enough mood to deal with what was to come.

Once I lugged all my stuff into the back of a cab, spent 3 hours in traffic on my way to my new "home", with a driver who barely knew the location and (nothing against foreigners here) but barely spoke a word of English, only to arrive there to discover that my rent hadn't gone through because my family's law firm decided to put it on hold, not realising the dates, urgency, or well, anything.... (insert obscenely terrible word to describe humans like this).  I then had to spend my time, standing in the lobby with all of my sh*t, with a phone that didn't work as it should have, attempting to call home to figure out what on Earth was going on, why, and how we could fix it.  Considering it was a Sunday and law offices, banks, transfers...hahahhaha

No contact, no real possibilities, I was left on my own to convince them that I DID plan on living there and that the money would be on it's way.  Thankfully, they were both polite, nice, patient, and reasonable enough to realise: why on Earth would this girl rock up with all of her luggage on her scheduled move-in date, be registered at the University (where the tuition ALSO wasn't paid bt-dubbs) for which she was being accommodated, and have paid her deposit...IF SHE DIDN'T PLAN TO LIVE HERE LEGALLY.

Although they took (one hehehehhe) passport hostage and programmed my door to lock me out 3 days following if the rent didn't go through, I got to move in "as planned". Compromise!!

I've already got a grumpy-cat worthy face creeping up at the moment just recalling this so I won't go into such crazy details about the rest of my terrible luck with moving to London.  Instead, I'll bulle-tpoint some of the things that my squirrel-like short-term memory can still recall.

-Internet connection available in my room meant that it took 4 hours to Skype my father to go over 3 points of my day before I broke down into a violent toddler-worthy tantrum.  I am admittedly slightly addicted/reliant upon the internet as is but FOR F)U(Y/T&RFTYBHJVKN!OP)(UY/!T SAKE!! When moving to a different country, COMPLETELY on your own for the first time, not being able to do everything by yourself ( much as I wished I could have)...the inability to contact anyone both via internet-related methods and via phone? Nearly drove me to complete and total insanity.

-Because tuition hadn't gone through at the time it was supposed to either I got to waste time on standing in a bunch of useless queues for the university registration process only to be turned away...having to come back when I was supposed to be elsewhere doing much more enjoyable things.  Ex.) Activity Fair

-No real friends.  Of course, in time, you make friends with people that you know will be there for you, whom you can rely on and have both pointless and important conversations with.  Given the stuff going on with my family at the time and, again, my inability to have any form of contact with the world outside of my accommodations, I wasn't in the most mentally-stable state. It's at a time like this that you realise how terrible it is to be completely on your own...especially when that means you've got to make friends with the guys working at Tesco's so that you can stack your ridiculous amount of "first-time groceries" behind the counter while you run back and forth schlepping them to your "home".  I tried calling a taxi but the most painful part of that experience was the fact that Tesco's was near-spitting distance away from my student accommodations.  Something essentially completely irrelevant when you're the only one there to carry your 50 bags of groceries/necessities.

-Time.  Time to me is precious in every single way.  I hate wasting time and I hate wasting money!! Time being blown away on things that should have already been taken care of...thus preventing me from being able to, I don't know...MAKE IT TO IKEA BEFORE IT CLOSED SO I DIDN'T HAVE TO SPEND MY FIRST NIGHT IN LONDON SLEEPING WITH A ROLLED-UP CARDIGAN AND A TOWLE?!?!??!

-Having nothing in your room.  Nothing to aid you in showering, sleeping, cooking....think about that.  Reallyyyy think about it.  Everything tied together all too well.  SO many signs telling me I simply was NOT meant to be there.  Harsh.

-Getting Pneumonia on top of the Flue.
Enough said. Seriously?!?! Any better possible timing?!
I could go on but even I'm getting a bit tired of listening to myself.

Things finally fell just a bit into place, I met a few lovely people, had some amazing nights out, fantastic shopping, yummy food...........and a few dozen prolonged trips back home to Denmark.

Throughout all of this, I tried my best to keep you lot in mind and took a decent amount of pictures.  Not too many had I been posting regularly but obviously now it's to the point where it's overwhelming both for me and for you if it's all just shoved into one big post.

So you're not confused out of your minds, I've made some sort of a layout as to what's to come.  Obviously this is going to delay real-time Christmas/holiday-related posts a bit but that's to be expected.  I'm sorry, I can't just say, "screw it" and jump right into writing about what's going on now and then see that massive gap of time, lack of stories, pictures....Makes my special OCD go on absolute red-alert.  Same thing goes for a slump of photo's that, in contrast to the less-recent summer share, are quite recent and therefore have a bit more "meaning" due to my (WHOOP! WHOOP!) ability to connect more memories to them.  I'll stop blabbing now and give you that layout now :D

-Denmark ---> London
-London Pt. 1
-DK Pt. 1
-London Pt. 2
-London Pt. 3
-Fall Break in Denmark
      -Cabin Fever
      -The boy (B-day, Svendegilde...)
      -Last bits before Christmas
-London Pt. 4

Oh, and thanks for putting up with my rant and my excessive use of ellipses.


Stress balls...genius creation.



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