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24 December, 2013

Bits & Bobs Of Summer 2013

Hello hello :)

THERE'S ONE DAY 'TIL CHRISTMAS!!!! (Said with foam at the mouth and crossed eyes...) I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS CHRRIIIISSTTMASSSSSS (think: Baxter's mum's voice in Arthur's Christmas movie)

Been so so so busy with the baby, trying to give auntie a bit of a break but Louie's caught a fun.  His first time being ill as well the poor thing.  That on top of preparing for the holiday festivities these past few days has ended up delaying me a bit more than expected.  Apologies :)

Now, should life had gone as expected, you lot would have had these posts as they happened.  This summer was the best and the worst all in one....a bit of heaven and a bit of hell.

A bit strange giving you these pictures from summer now that it's nearly Christmas but better late than never, right? It's one hell of a load of pictures for your information....consider yourself warned!! But I don't see a better way to do it at this point.  Not to much of a point going in detail about things that've happened months and months ago now, eh?

I honestly haven't looked at any of these pictures since the time they were taken so it's quite strange for me as well!! Especially the ones with my now-boyfriend, Mads. Remember when I first posted about our first date?! It's been 4 months since we've "officially" been together but it feels like 4 years :D Can't tell if it's good or bad hehe

Hope you enjoy!!

All my love,

One of our last nights out with Weezy <3


SO weird to look through these pictures now!! Right at the start ;) :*

her face...her hair...can't tell which is better!! :D

Dinosaur fight!! no, I can't believe we're all 18+ either...

One of those heaven-sent days where you go shopping and end up with a perfect complete outfit for the same night!! LOVE.

The face you get when you're about to take away the leftovers...

What we thought was to be a summer- love....*enter goo-goo eyes*

Nikolaj's birthday!!

Tattoo's #1 & #2

Finished products!!

The babe working out his big exam
(passed with flying colours!!)

Polina and I have a bit of a weakness for sushi....

One of those proper sick weeks and all the necessities!! 

Summer party at Caroline's

the kid actually fell asleep like this.

He liked my earring a bit too much...

MJ-inspired outfit

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