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25 December, 2013

LDN: Part 2

Hey babes,

Here's the second round of pictures from my adventures in London-town!! Many of these are taken once I actually managed to (GET THIS!!) make f r i e n d s. 

You've really got to hold on to and appreciate those good memories in times of stress and negativity such as those that surrounded my initial move to this amazing city.


At least they tried...

Had to stock up while I was back home of course ;)

Out for a birthday dinner with the girls 

What my To-Do List looked like for the first few weeks :D That feeling you get when crossing off something you've completed!! AAHHHHHHHHH √√√√√√√√√

A new addition to the Mac family!! Still working on a name!! Finally got a new phone (about time :P) Baby Adelaide!

So nice I bought them twice ;)

Look who found COOKIE CRISPPPPPPPPP!!! One of those all-nighters uni is made of!

The concept of an alcoholic milkshake might just be one of the best out there! Thank you, TGI Fridays!!

Night out at Ministry of Sound with Jasmin, Zahra, annndddd...
Two words: Sean Paul

I, 'til this day, do not know what shot it was we took but I was definitely not happy with it!! 


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