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25 December, 2013

INK, Ladies, & Barnet (London, Part 3)

Afternoon :)

I'm a bit impressed with myself at this point-in-time.  I didn't think I'd taken this many pictures!! Only a good thing to have loads of memories and moments captured, immortalised.  With my mood being all over the place during my stay in London, I wasn't always the best when it came to taking pictures.  I love photography and taking pictures has never felt like a tedious thing at all.  Just when you're a bit scattered, it's not as automatic as it had otherwise become.  A blogger's habit one might say ;)


 Met these two lovely Cypriots at my previous school's MUN conference and kept in contact since.  Charis (left) ended up studying in London and Mikaella (far right) in Scotland.  Invited these two out to Professor Green's new club, INK, along with Lily, Lydia, and myself one night--a lovely reunion!!
And no, the coordinating lipstick shades was not planned ;)

EGGS IN A BASKET. My new favourite!!

Cocktails & dinner with Lily and Jasmin in Central

Out to dinner with my sweet darling, Ellie 

Lily & Lydia at INK

Lily & I at INK

a terrible trio ;)

Best Mojito in town so far!!

The impromptu weekend trip to Lily's town, Barnet!!

Country clubbin' with Lily & her mates

Autumn has hit London

On our search for a nail/brow place!

Barnet scenery 


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