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31 December, 2013

Flat/Apartment Inspiration(s)

Evening babes :)

We've been attempting to heat up our lasagne in the oven for over an hour now hahaha This is what happens when, ironically enough, the only Italian in the house gets the opportunity to cook :P

As I'm waiting, starving, craving some serious cheese, I thought I might as well do a mini brain dump for you all to make up for my lack of posting.

This is the time in so many of our lives, post-high school, where the majority have just started living on their own, away from their parents, and have to learn to stand on their own two feet.  I flew away from the nest before I'd even knocked the top off of my egg yet (at 15) and although I can stand, I'm far from being able to tango around for hours on end, if you get where I'm coming from.

So many of us youngins', aren't all too great at living all alone, and therefore choose to move in with friends, siblings, boyfriends/girlfriends (careful here!!) around this time so I thought to perhaps share some of my decoration ideas for the flat I'll hopefully (well, once we find it, buy it, and move into...) be sharing with the boy.

It's exciting, scary (it should be at least, just a tiny bit), and a big step whether you're completely on your own (nothing wrong with that, I'm just a paranoid little piece of sh*t) or moving in with someone else and shouldn't EVER be looked at as anything else.  There's such a big difference between spending a lot of time with someone and living with them.  Finances, cooking, cleaning, accepting the fact that humans go number 2 once in awhile....everything suddenly is an unavoidable part of the equation--like it or leave it.  And these days, when looking at both the realistic aspects of the financial and legal (real-estate) parts of the equation, it's not as simple as you not liking how things turned out because of contracts, legal obligations, inability to find something else on the market, or being a real arse and leaving the other person to pay the rest on their own (if at all possible).

Once you acknowledge and accept this fact, the fun begins...decorating!!

Let the games, begin...

Love the overall design/vibe here but the main focus is the chalkboard!

Who doesn't love fairy lights? IN A JAR.

Anyone in living room will be suffocated by the overwhelming amount of candles, flowers, pillows, and blankets.

Who doesn't need a dish for their jewellery? 

If you're going to look like you enjoy wine too much, might as well do it creatively.

Shoe shelf.
Mine just needs to be a bookshelf used for shoes that will cover an entire wall.

**I do not claim any ownership or rights of the above image. All credit goes to its rightful owner.**


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