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27 December, 2013

Flag' Bound

Good morning sweethearts,

Hope you've had a good sleep!  Nothing worse than starting off the day without enough sleep (then many of us EVER get the perrrfeccttt amount of sleep?!) or worse, a headache :/ Maybe that's just me.  I don't know, do any of you get that on a semi-regular basis?  Been told that it's because of my back/neck/etc. issues and stress but maybe I'm not alone out there or perhaps there's another potential cause?

Was up last night editing the shocking amount of photographs taken on our way up to Flagstaff so that they could be ready for this morning (LOVE ME).

It's crazy how different it feels up here (and no, not just because there's snow!)  As my Daddy's put it, "It's like you're in a different state"! The vibe is so different in this area and of course, the dramatic change of scenery and weather for us all is a massive contributor.

It's so strange that this 2:30 hour car ride felt like days when we were younger when now it's no more than a quick nap, some snacks, a nice conversation or two, and of course, singing along to our traditional Cheetalicious Christmas cd at least half of the way there (poor Daddy/chauffeur ;) )!!

The entire trip up North went as planned...until we actually arrived.  Daddy, Lina, and myself had been driving in front so that just incase Jason's fancy new GPS wasn't 110% perfect, that we wouldn't lose them in the middle of the desert (easier than you'd think).  This meant that once we found our stunning cabin, coated in snow....Daddy decided to (without snow tires mind-you) go full-speed ahead into about 3 ft. of snow that covered our driveway.  This clearly didn't go all too well but hey, A for effort!!

Help was on the way (Helene and I are convinced that there are camera's in the trees) in under 5 minutes time and by then Daddy had already begun shovelling away all the way around the car as we all sat inside in anticipation.  The problem wasn't just the snow surrounding the car but more so the sh*t ton that was keeping us stuck u n d e r n e a t h...meaning that the lovely man who'd showed up with his snow-plow wasn't as much help then as he would have been 10 min. before.

After giving the engine a go a few times, and attempting to get into the house, Daddy, baby Louie, and Helene went up to the clubhouse/entrance for some info as Jason, Lina, and I eagerly awaited their re-arrival.  Me and my inability to stay still for all too long (especially in situations where I can re-live my childhood and pretend that I'm bloody Kim Possible) meant the discovery of the snow completely eating up our tires...and a hanger we conveniently had in the boot of our SUV.

Paranoid but determined, I headed underneath the car and started removing as much snow from our two stuck front tires as possible.  I managed to free one just in time for help part 2 to arrive, offering to pull us out from behind.  This would have been brilliant if it weren't for the fact that Daddy had for some reason just driven off with our keys -___-

The car was freed, driveway cleared, cars unloaded, baby rushed saved.
Will post some cute pics of the cabin in the following days in addition to a post regarding what the heck we got the days to go by with leading up to Christmas.

Loads of love,


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