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27 December, 2013

The Days Leading Up To Christmas

Being as many people as we were for Christmas this year, there was a lot more to do than there ordinarily would but I think that by dividing the work and helping each other out with whatever we could, whenever we could, it's gone swimmingly.

It's been a really cosy time so far, even with the chaos that at times comes with having a baby in the house, and we've still got a full week left!!  I got a bit sad the other day just thinking about how quickly time has gone by, specifically with us being up here in the lovely cabin.  We're due to return to Scottsdale in two days already; I feel as though we've just now got a nice, smooth routine going on!!  Such is life :)

We spent the days leading up to Christmas doing the one thing we're all exceptional at doing, but rarely get the chance to attempt.... relaxing!!  Of course the house was decorated, we went on the annual tree expedition (it's never anything short of that), Chestnuts roasted (we debated the open fire deal but decided against it), we took turns cooking dinner (missing Lina and uncle Jason now!), went on a few walks out in the snow, Lina made her famous brownies and built one of the most creative snowmen I've seen (wasn't the right kind of snow), I got to make my beautiful snow angel, interesting debate/discussions over a few glasses of red wine, and who could forget, the near-all-nighters with the baby (hence my PJ outfit on our coffee-run).


Lina's homemade star!! 


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