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24 December, 2013

Christmas Wishes

Good morning/afternoon/evening and Merry Christmas to you all!!

I'm here to interrupt my stream of London-related posts with a quick Christmas message!!

I'm writing this as my sister is making homemade decorations for the Christmas table (we're improvising a lot these days up in the cabin!!), and the rest of the family (baby Louie included) are preparing Christmas dinner in the kitchen.

Lina and I have got one of our favourite, childhood Christmas movies playing as we work away.  I think that's one very obvious thing that you can see change throughout the years--the attention given to traditions like this.  When we were kids, our eyes would be glued to the telly (it'd have to take something pretty special to tear us food) and the movies would be on repeat throughout all of December.  Now? We both absolutely set the price pretty high when it comes to our movies and  traditions but as we've grown up, there's the aspect of multi-tasking that seemingly automatically comes with age (at least for women ;) ).  Anyone on the same page with me here? :)

Something I love about continuing to watch movies originally intended for children, specifically Disney ones, is that as you mature, you understand more of the humour used. In my opinion, you learn to appreciate the movies, morals, jokes, and characters more.  You begin to laugh things apart from when someone falls down and spills something all over the place!! :D

The second bunch of pics from London is on it's way as I've got the opportunity to relax and be productive for once this vacation tehee  For those of you wondering, THE BABY SLEPT ALL THE WAY 'TIL 5 and is feeling much better!!!!!! Thank you, Santa/Nissen for our early Christmas present, it's much appreciated!!

Hope everyone's had/having a brilliant Christmas (for those of you celebrating already that is...) and that  you've been blessed to spend it with your love ones.  After all, the prezzies, decorations, and yummy food are all really just bonuses :)

Loads of love and joyous cheer sent your way!!

P.S. I'll be sure to do an actual Christmas post inclusive of some of my day/night within the week.

P.P.S. Much as I'd like to share the adorableness that is my perfect baby cousin, I get where auntie Helene is coming from when she doesn't want pics of him smeared all over the internet for anyone to see and use as they please and I'm going to honour/respect that.


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